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The 20 types of vagina you will meet in your lifetime & how to handle them..


Types of vagina: Directly in response to “10 Types and Shapes of Penises and How they Can Satisfy You” (Read Here), readers were eager to know if women also have types and shapes and so we went scooping and asking men who have been there and done that and the response we got were interesting.


We were able to gather 20 types of vagina and how to handle them.

And so the men out there who are yet to set out on this adventure, it’s good to know the types of vaginas you may come across on your adventurous journey and so without much ado, here are 20 types of vaginas you will come across and how to handle them.


This vagina is simply put… loose. A loose vagina feels like it’s slid 12 babies out of it in the last couple of years. Being in a woman should feel like a jacuzzi bath for your cock, but instead, it feels like driving your car through a carwash, when those flappy curtains soap up your sedan. It’s not doing much, barely putting any pressure on your penis, and you can just keep going… and going… and going… and going. Your girl probably has some idea that her vagina is really loose, so maybe spare her self esteem and don’t mention it to her. Just… do the best you can, and maybe get out of there. Literally.

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