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Top 20 best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2015 – You need to see #1! (With Pictures)



Best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2015 – What did you decide to dress up as this past Halloween? Were you happy with your choice? Sometimes you may think you have the best outfit at the entire party, until you look and see someone else wearing the exact same thing!


You may have thought your dress looked great, but then you didn’t consider the 45 minute wait to get into the club!

The amount of pressure to get a costume that is just right can be enormous every year. That pressure may get increased even more dramatically if you are a celebrity and know you are going to be having hundreds of photos taken of you.

Every year after Halloween people will get together and debate which celebrities had the best costumes this year. Whether you want to see something that is low cut, something that is clever, or a family effort, there was no shortage of great costumes in 2015. Granted, it might also help when deciding on who you are going to be, if you could sink some serious coinage into making sure your costume looked great. Some celebrities on this list, such as Heidi Klum, spare no expense on their costume every year, but the results are always spectacular (and this year was no exception).

As social media continues to grow in popularity, there is no doubt that these outfits will be Tweeted and Instagramed by millions of people. Check over the list for inspiration, and perhaps next year with some proper planning you can have some amazing costumes that are inspired by some of the best celebrities in Hollywood.

I assure you that no matter your style, these are 20 of the coolest costumes worn by celebrities in 2015!

20. J-Lo


J-Lo used to be Jenny from the block, but she has since excelled into a multi-talented superstar. Whether you love her music, her acting, or just J-Lo in general, you know she is often going to make one hell of an entrance. Jennifer Lopez made no exception to that rule as she attended Heidi Klum’s Halloween party this year, decked out as a…skeleton? I never knew Skeletons could wear such elegant black dresses. I also was unaware that skeletons still possess the ability to have both a booty, and some cleavage. That being said, if you look like Jennifer Lopez does, especially at age 46, I don’t think a costume that hides your body is exactly what you are looking for.

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