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10 Ghanaian celebrities who show off most on social media (With Pictures)


Celebrities who show off most on Social Media– Celebrities can annoy the hell out of you with their show off attitude. Of course if you were to be paid for getting popular, I guess you would do the same. Ghanaian Celebrities these days have learnt from celebrities from the west like Kim Kardashian and co. who don’t pay a dime for the stuff they wear and the places they go, but are rather paid to advertise these products.


In Africa, Nigerian celebrities are the worst in terms of showing off as they make their every move known to the general public, some people even pay for their belongings to be broadcasted on tabloids. Ghanaian celebrities are following suite, the only difference is, Ghanaian celebrities are not that rich like their Nigerian counterparts so it gets in their way.

Even with that, they still borrow from friends or move with rich friends and use their stuff to show off. Most times, the little things matter to them, so they would broadcast it on their social media pages. Let’s take a look at Ghanaian celebs who show off the most on social media.

1. Sandra Ankobiah


She is the queen of show off and many have started questioning where she gets all that money to live the lavish life she lives. Some say she is from a rich home, others say, she gets the cash from her lawyer gig, well she knows best, but she flies constantly in first class, shows off her cars, designer wears and even countries she visits. Doesn’t it get boring? Sigh!

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