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11 most ridiculous lies women tell while dating – Guys, you should see this!



Ridiculous lies women tell while dating – In this informing write up, Jeremy Glass exposes the numerous uncountable lies women tell while dating to cover either their past or to secure their future relationships. Women are good with lies when it comes to securing their relationship and past. Here are 11 mostly harmless lies that every woman (and sometimes man) seems to say before, during, and after $ex.


1. “I don’t usually do this.”

Who do you think you are? R. Kelly? You do this all the time and you like it, that’s why you’re doing it right now and will continue doing it in the future. Whether that “it” is involves something kinky with candle wax and food or that certain special position that can only be achieved by a step-stool, claiming ignorance with $ex won’t get you anywhere.

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