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15 Nollywood stars you still may not know have died – This list will leave you in a big shock! (Photos)


Nollywood stars you still may not know have died – These demised stars would always be remembered for their role in one way or the other in the development of the Nigerian movie industry- Nollywood. It’s not an understatement to assert that their death shook Nollywood to its core at the time each of their demise occurred.


They are however remembered for the legacies they left behind.



The death of Sam Loco really got the entertainment industry in Nigeria shaking because he was very popular with his comic roles. Loco died in a hotel room in Owerri where he was editing a film, in August 2011, at age 66.



The Village Headmaster star actor died in February 2013 at age 70. He died of complications from diabetes in a Lagos hospital.



Enebeli became popular staring as Andrew in a popular TV programme many years ago. He died in an Indian hospital in December 2012. He died of stroke at age 66.



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  1. tee says

    How would use Mide Martins picture(who is still alive) as Funmi Martins?

  2. xxxy says

    So you people have killed Funmi martins ?
    Google is ur friend o.

    1. fatymah says

      This is mide martins nor funmi martins, get ur facts straight.

  3. Omobolanle Oluwo says

    Sorry,may I bring your attention to the pic used for Funmi Martins it's her daughter's pic not hers. Pls take note.

  4. Chidinma says

    Funmi martins is not dead. Pls stop posting wrong rumours, especially one of death. May God keep her.

    1. Precious Mayaki says

      Chidinma, Funmi Martins died as far back as 2000. However, that picture is her daughter's picture Mide (Funmi) Martins

  5. jeez says

    Jeez. This is not Funmi Martins but her daughter Mide! Some serious error!

  6. ego says

    I heard Dede one day is dead too

  7. anon says

    U people are very foolish for using the living as a pic for such caption. All these cheap publicity. Mwtcheew.

  8. cruz says

    Dis is crazy, y using her daughter's pix??
    People shaaaaaa

  9. yolax says

    You are posting rubbish and its absolutely nonsense

  10. screw u says

    Pls change the picture to her mothers own or delete the post. This is bullshit now. Do your research well

  11. Yetunde says

    Please, you can edit or take down this post. This is Funmi Martins' daughter, Mide Martins, who is very much alive. Funmi Martins is the one who is dead and not Mide.

  12. honey_1000 says

    Crazy bloggers….you ain't gonna Make it

  13. Annoyed says

    I thought that man's name was JUSTUS…

  14. Hormorlorlargold says

    You people are nothing but a mad person, how can u say mide martins is dead. I rebuke that for her. In Sha Allah

  15. jbk says

    Remove mide martins picture with immediate effect. She is not dead. You can use your picture as an illustration if you must use a picture of a living person.

  16. Akinyemi Kehinde Aishat says

    Pls be very fast about it,, kindly remove mide Abiodun pic away from dis death list.. She will never die young IJN..

  17. moreniks says

    This totally rubbish how can n u people say Mide Martins is dead, Mtchw is better u get another work to do if u dnt wht to do and stop posting rubbish.

  18. stevecute says

    You went posting Fumi Martins that is alive, claiming she's dead, why you left the dead actor muna obikwe from the list…you need to be sue to court for fallacious information…

  19. Ari says

    This is so unprofessional!!!

  20. Heritage says

    Now I see something is terribly wrong with the writer.

  21. dare says

    Mide martins is not dead, please bring down this post

  22. oyenuga damilola says

    This is not funmi Martins oo, and this is mide Martins! U dix pple ehn!

  23. Air-Marshal Akinmayowa Odusanw says

    Your no.10 picture is not funmi Martins but her younger sister Mide Martins. Pls verify what you want to post online b4 causing more problems

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