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Guys: 15 things she wants you to tell her while making love..

5. Dirty Words


This one should come as no surprise to most readers, but we’ll mention it anyways. Within reason, we like a little dirty talk in the bedroom. As long as you are not calling us out of our name a little bit of rough talk certainly gets the oven preheated. Guiding her and being a little assertive all while making sure she is pleased along the way, shows off your confidence, and one thing is for sure, confidence is very sexy.


4. That You Want To Cuddle


Even after a rather rough session and you’re both sweating and panting, trying to catch your breathes, letting your partner know that you want to cuddle with her is admirable. Whether or not she feels the same way after your steamy session is a whole other question (and we won’t get into detail here), but knowing that you want to be held or want to hold her shows you have a soft side, and shows that sex isn’t the only important thing in your relationship.

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3. She’s A Great Kisser


We see it in the movies and we read about it in book. Kissing is a key component in foreplay and nothing can kill the mood worse than an awful kisser. Yes, we’ve all experienced a bad kisser or two in the past, which make us appreciate little things like fresh breath, smooth lips, and just enough tongue action. Therefore if she’s doing a great job at French kissing, don’t hesitate let her know. She will certainly appreciate it.



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