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The 10 strangest deaths of 2015 you never knew about – This will shock you (+Photos)

The 10 Strangest Deaths Of 2015 You Didn’t Know About

Strangest deaths: There is one thing that all human beings have in common: sooner or later we are all going to die. It may be sad to think about; no one likes thinking of dying, but we all know it to be something that is going to happen to all us. None of us are going to live forever. While a lot of us want to make it to old age and die peacefully, others want to leave this world doing something amazing that they think people will notice. One thing is for sure though, pretty much no one wanted to die like the people on this list.


It is never funny when people die of course. Life is a precious thing, to most of us anyway. When people die, no matter how it happens, laughing at it is just plain wrong. But still, sometimes the way people die is just so weird, and makes such little sense, that one has to stop and say “What the heck was that person thinking? I mean did they really do that?”
While one or two of the things on this list were tragic accidents, most of them were people being incredibly stupid.

Well, stupid is probably putting it kindly. Most of the people here died in ways that were so totally avoidable it makes one wonder what they were thinking at all.

Here is TheRichest’s list of 10 Strangest Deaths of 2015.

10. Woman Froze Herself In Cryotherapy Machine


Cryotherapy is when someone, hopefully well trained, uses low temperatures to treat tissue damage. It is supposed to help with the effects of aging. Cryotherapy has been around forever in Europe, and is more common as of late in the United States. A cryotherapy chamber filled with liquid nitrogen is something that exposes your body to extremely low temperatures. which seems to me like it can be quite dangerous.

Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, who is a 24-year-old esthetician, was found frozen to death inside a cryotherapy chamber at the Las Vegas Salon where she worked. She had been trapped in the chamber for 10 hours, no one is quite sure how she got in there, but according to the coroner she died in seconds.



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