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The 12 world’s richest men of all time – You won’t believe who number 1 is (+Photos)

world’s richest men of all time - See who is number 1 700x500

Richest men of all time: Bill Gates may have billions of dollars, but not even the Microsoft mogul can match the astounding wealth of these money mavens! A inflation-adjusted list by Celebrity Net Worth has determined the richest people of all time, and some of them might surprise you! From manufacturing billionaires to 14th century rulers, see who made the top ten!


Fun Facts About The Richest People Who Ever Lived:

  1. These billionaires control a combined $4.317 trillion!
  2. The richest people ever are all men. Sadly No women cracked the top 25.
  3. 14 out of the 25 people are Americans.
  4. Bill Gates is the richest American and the richest person still alive on this list.
  5. Carlos Slim Helu, the former richest person in the world, did not even crack the top 20.

So sit back, get a drool bucket and checkout the richest people whoever lived, inflation adjusted.


12. Bill Gates $136 Billion


Bill Gates established his fortune founding the software company Microsoft.



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  1. Bobby says

    U guys should research on king solomon. I think ure getting it all wrong. He wasn't even on the list. Or maybe the person that posted dis discriminates christianity or he's muslim and we know muslims always think they all that, and they can argue all day. Well whoever posted this, my theory is that solomon is the richest. If u can't trace it from israel, trace it from Ethiopia u know he married from almost all over the world…

    1. ola says

      Education gives u enlightenment so as not to stereotype, Wat is it abt Muslims dat u dnt like? You have to have religion tolerance and as xtians call him solomon Muslims call him suleiman. So Bro read well

    2. Lastborn says

      Even in the Quran, he's revealed to be d wealthiest. Get a religious tolerance brother

  2. femi A says

    Solomon in the bible is the all-time Richest Man on earth

  3. AmaturRahmaan says

    the Muslims for your information oh you all who lack historical knowledge if it isn't written by white christian slave masters, Solomon or in islaam Prophet Sulayman *peace be upon him! is a Prophet of Islaam and the Muslims regard him higher than your christian slave masters!

    1. ann says

      Stupid amaturRahmaan! Is every publication an avenue to segregate based on religion?

      1. James says

        You lack common sense why didn't you tell the other guy mentioning Religious segregation as stupid you are clearly deluded….Licensed fool

    2. abdul wasiu says

      Thank you AmaturRahmaan

  4. anonymous says

    Mansa musa kor Mansa musa ni

  5. daniel danjuma says

    research on king Solomon in the bible…. he is the richest

  6. Ayo haroun says

    Very ignorant report of fact, you not heard of Solomon, you must have grown up under a rock

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