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Top 10 worst dressed Ghanaian celebrities – #1 will leave you in stitches (With Photos)


Worst dressed Ghanaian celebrities – It is a very common saying that one is addressed the way he or she is dressed, and celebrities are not exempted. Although they are seen as models who are always looked up to, and are also expected to be on point fashion-wise in all appearances they make, some of them still go ahead to disappoint us beyond measure. Various events held in Ghana over the years, especially, the popular annual Ghana Music and Movie Award festivals have captured the good, the bad and ugly dressings of our much admired celebrities. 


While some of them really made sense, we are devoting this post to those ones which are completely out-of-the-way when it comes to good fashion sense. Now, checkout these Ghanaian celebs who flopped completely on the red carpet in 2015! No. 1 is exactly who you expected it to be! Lol….

10. Kwabena Kwabena


Shorts on the red carpet? Completely unacceptable. If not that this is Ghana, Kwabena should be chilling off in custody by now!

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