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11 Beautiful celebrities who own their own beauty lines (With Pictures)


Celebrities who own their own beauty lines – The actresses who star in Hollywood’s hit movies are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Not only are they stunning but they are artistically talented and business-minded. They are seemingly perfect. Like, seriously, is there anything wrong with Jennifer Aniston at all?


In fact, some of these talented, beautiful, intelligent women are so smart that they’ve found a way to make money off of their beauty through beauty lines.

Of course, the degree to which said celebrities participate in their brand varies. In some cases, the celebrity is extremely invested and may have even founded her brand. Being invested in the day-to-day operations of a beauty line is a bit taxing for somebody still starring in blockbusters, so in other cases celebrities will become the face of the brand and take on a consulting position. Those even more distantly involved with beauty lines will simply invest money into a brand.

Even though these women have won the gene lottery, they understand that from time to time all women may need a wrinkle reducing moisturizer or volumizing mascara. Whether these women are the CEOs or just friendly investors, they are smart enough to know that beauty is a business and have made the genius decision to get involved in the beauty industry. Here are 11 beautiful celebrities who own beauty lines:

11. Jessica Alba & Honest


What woman wouldn’t want to look like Jessica Alba? Honestly, if I woke up tomorrow and suddenly looked like Alba, I wouldn’t ask any questions. I’d just go with it because it would be amazing. So, obviously she should have a beauty line, right? She does but unfortunately the transformation into Jessica Alba is sold separately. She founded a company called Honest, which started as a supplier of all-natural baby goods. The company has recently expanded, but not without backlash. After releasing sunscreen, many customers took to Twitter to post pictures of their sunburns and complaints that the sunscreen was ineffective. She recently expanded Honest to supply beauty and skin care items, aimed at a diverse group of women. If it can make me look just a little bit like Jessica Alba, I’m sold.

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