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20 Love songs that will perfectly express all your feelings..


Love songs that will perfectly express all your feelings – Madly in love or just broken up? Add these to your queue. Maybe you’ve just been dumped or just been proposed to. Legitimately confused about your “status” or how to possibly function while in love? We’ve all been there — the highs and lows, the rollercoaster ride that is all encompassing love. If there is one thing in that lovers and the heartbroken have in common, it’s that we have a lot of feelings.


So whether you’re single, taken, married, or in a “situationship” — I promise the following songs will fit all of your individual feels.

1. When things are, well, complicated …

“Situationships” — Fabolous

“And what’s crazy is soon as you fall back, they crawl back, saying they sorry and wait it all back.”

From the famous S.O.U.L. Tape series, Fabolous singlehandedly defines the problem of our generation — situationships. With clips from Baby Boy and Martin, you’ll want to hear this, break up or not.

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2. When it’s getting serious …

“Forever” — Lecrae

“Any boy can go find a girl and try to satisfy her for a whole night, but a real man can take one woman and satisfy her for a whole life.”

I’d imagine Lecrae to be the man of every woman’s dreams — or at least persuade us to get married as soon as we hear this song.

3. When you’re ready to start the eff over …

” Shake It Out” — Florence + The Machine

“And I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I’m going to cut it out and then restart”

True, you’ve been heartbroken, made mistakes, but it’s never over. Shoutout to Florence + The Machine for always providing me the spirit I need to courageously shake it off.


4. When you have no idea what the two of you are … 

“Heartbeat” — Childish Gambino

“Ayo, fuck this. Are we dating? Are we fucking? Are we best friends? Are we something? In between that?”

Just in case you needed some visuals, the music video depicts everything about not having the only person you truly want. With Childish Gambino walking us through it, we know ain’t no one else we’d rather drive around, eating Cheetos with than that special someone.



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