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8 lies women tell you after s*x.. – If she says #4…. Just forget about her!

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Lies women tell right after sex – We’all know Sex is always fabulous, especially if you’re doing it with someone you love (like your spouse). But there are times when it’s just plain disastrous. And women being the considerate, “ego-boosters” they are, they would rather lie than admit that their partner’s bedroom aerobics didn’t quite hit the mark.


Here are 8 lies every woman tells after s*x, and what they are actually thinking when they say these things See them as you continue……..

1. She says: “That was the best!”

The truth: And sometimes it is. But most of the time it was just OK or pretty good, but I’m really happy you seemed to be having such a cool time! I, on the other hand, have compiled this list of notes I took while I was waiting for it to be over, if you’d like to see them for future reference.

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