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GUYS: 7 Signs the woman you’re with is controlling your life..


Signs the woman you’re with is controlling your life – One of the best parts about being in a relationship is feeling like you have a partner who supports your life, without controlling it. You are your own person and that sense of identity should only be strengthened when you are with the person that you love. Unfortunately, many individuals are stuck in unhealthy relationships.


One of the most dangerous relationship moves is to remain with someone that you know is controlling of your life.

The more she controls your life, the more you are going to start to feel like you have lost your own sense of independence and may quickly forget about the things that you were once passionate about. This is an extra depressing thought when you consider that what your partner is supposed to love the most about you is the things that you are passionate about.

Unhealthy and controlling relationships are also incredibly difficult ones to end. If your partner is controlling every element of your life to the point that you cannot function without them, you may end your relationship and quickly find yourself without any support. Many people backslide into their old relationship because of this, but remember that you owe it to yourself to be healthy and happy.

There are definite signs that you are in a relationship that is controlling, and unfortunately, sometimes you need to read about them to really get the gravity of the situation. Your partner loves you, but that doesn’t make their controlling behavior acceptable. One question you should always be asking yourself is if your partner loves you, and if your answer is that she loves controlling you, then hopefully you know where the exit is. Here are the ten definite signs that she is starting to control and dominate your life.

7. She Hates Your Hobbies

You probably have certain hobbies or activities that you love to do and are maybe even things that you have done your entire life. Someone who is controlling will not only hate your hobbies and activities that take you away from them, but will try and make you feel bad for enjoying them. You don’t want to end your relationship and suddenly have that realization that all of your former hobbies and passions have gone completely ignored for the duration of the relationship. Shockingly, you’ll also hopefully realize how unhealthy that is.

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