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15 celebrities that are still good friends with their ex (With Pictures)



Celebrities that are still good friends with their ex – It is rare that a couple in show business lasts forever. Relationships are hard, we all know that, however being famous makes having a “normal” relationship that much harder. The one thing worse than going through an entire relationship in the public eye is going through a breakup for the entire world to watch.


At the core, celebrities are people like you and me, they have feelings and breakups hit them just as hard as they do anyone. Sometimes relationships do not work out romantically but you are not willing to lose the friendship. Some people may think staying friends with an ex is weird, however those people have never had real unconditional friendship from an ex.

When two people are mature enough to know that a relationship has no future, you can only hope that they are also mature enough to remain on good terms. This is why we at TheRichest thought it would be fun to list 15 celebrity exes that are still friends with one another. From eleven-year marriages to first loves, each of the following celebrities have managed to have civil breakups and remain friends with their one-time lovers.

15. Courteney Cox and David Arquette

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Courteney Cox and David Arquette are two major players in the Hollywood game. Cox, who is best known as Monica on the epic television series Friends, and her ex-husband seemed to have a picture perfect marriage. However, if we know anything, we know that looks are most of the time deceiving.

Although they spent eleven years married to one another, in 2010 they decided to get divorced. This split came as a surprise to many of their fans. Thankfully, throughout the past six years, they have managed to remain very good friends. Cox has opened up about their friendship saying, “I think that we were such good friends. We found ourselves leading separate lives and just coexisting and being great friends, but not having the intimacy that . . . is so important in a relationship.” Although no one wishes their marriage ends in divorce, if it does, you would hope to end up being best friends like these two.

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