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10 terrifying facts about the Bermuda Triangle (With Pictures)

6. It Has A Bad Reputation

The Bermuda Triangle has caused fear and amazement in minds all around the world. Where some fanatics are delighted by the thought of a danger-zone that inhabits the planet Earth and the possibility of something more, others are completed turned off by the idea. For every argument stating that the Triangle’s affects are true, there are a dozen counter-attacks stating that it is false.

If there is one thing we should take into consideration, however, is that contrary to what we believe, the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most highly travelled routes in the Atlantic ocean. Many ships and planes fly to and from this area every day, and reach their destinations without a misplaced hair on their body. Some can argue that a higher volume of travellers ensures a higher volume of casualties. Either way, we all believe what rings true to our ears and never more.



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