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12 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the new iPhone 7 (With Pictures)


iPhone 7 – Dear Apple fanboys and fangirls, You’re probably not going to be too happy with this article. But we know you are reasonable people and will eventually see the truth. We hate to break it to you, but Apple is far from being an innovative brand anymore; indeed, Apple is quickly falling behind the curve compared to competitors like Samsung.


Apple is nothing more than a generic company at this point. This couldn’t be more evident than with their latest flagship, the iPhone 7.

While Apple unveiled its new features like a better camera, water-resistance and a faster processor, these features have already been done before – and better – on other smartphones out there. On top of all of that, the iPhone 7 is also very similar to its predecessor, giving those who own this model no reason to upgrade at all.

The only reason you might consider upgrading is if you own the iPhone 5. Even then, the results show that there are better smartphones on the market. Samsung, for example, offers great customizability, something that Apple utterly fails at. It’s time to start fangirling on a new and improved model.

12. Significant Differences In Plus


This is the first year that people have actually wanted the Plus version more. In the past, the difference between the regular model and the Plus model used to come down to the size of the screen. But that isn’t true of the latest generation iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 Plus not only has a dual camera lens (which will also be true of the model to come out next year) but it also has way more ram (3GB and 2GB respectively).

If you want the best possible iPhone on the market right now – at least according to Apple – you will have to shell out for it. While this is the least problematic aspect of Apple’s new flagship, it doesn’t get better from here. If you are an Apple fanboy/fangirl, you may want to go get a box of Kleenex, because we are about to shatter your iPhone dreams.



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