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See how much Olamide’s ‘Sere’ showed he was a little bad Bariga boy


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Olamide’s ‘Sere’ – Let me ask this question. Is there anybody who is vaguely interested in Nigerian music, who doesn’t know Olamide Adedeji, the self-styled baddo? All the way from Eni Duro, First Of All, Turn Up, Durosoke, to Goons Mi, Skelemba, Melo Melo and Bobo.

No, there wouldn’t be any, I can be sure of that. As Nigerian music lovers it’s most likely we have all grooved to some of his biggest hits, especially those of us were dey go club. Na so we go dey dance, we no send anybody, we like it jare!

In a career spanning roughly six years Olamide – king of the streets – has amassed a prolific discography and spectacular features. His rise on the Nigerian music scene is backed by very strong street appeal. The streets love him, almost anytime. His songs are always part of the menu served at various occasions, notably in the western parts of the country. The rapper cum singer as overtly expressed his inspiration is sourced from the streets and his music is made for the street. Nice relationship, don’t you think so? It clicks.

If you are amongst the 20% of Nigerians that pay attention to lyrics, Olamide would have brought to your notice he is an Ajepako. Ajepako is a Nigerian slang for a child, who had a tough and unruly upbringing. The local rapper alleges he hails from the ghettos of Bariga, somewhere in Lagos.

When you listen to some his songs, you will notice how much Olamide’s lyrics showed he was a little bad bariga boy. There are noticeably a few lyrics to his songs that come out as lewd and unrestrained. My amusement is on one of his latest releases featuring Lil Kesh “Sere” (Ghetto Story). A Yoruba word which means PLAY, aptly coined as “wayward child” as used in the song.
A little diagnosis of Sere lyrics
Something from the chorus
Mama bi Sere l’omo; Sere, Sere mother gave birth to Sere, Sere Baba bi Sere l’omo; Sere; oya, Sere father gave birth to Sere, Sere Sere, y’omo buruku; Sere, Sere  –   turned a wayward child  –
More excerpts from Olamides’s verse
A a ma n na awon omo neighbor ni corridor we do beat the neighbours’ children at the corridor.

A ma ji eran je, a ma tun burawe do steal meats from pot, and even swear we didn’t
Gbogbo omo adugbo, a ti fo won nall the girls in the community, we’ve “washed”them
Gbogbo igo Coke, a ti fo won all the Coke bottles, we’ve broken them
Me and my guys no be butter-boys

A se were gan n; no be small thingwe caused much trouble; it wasn’t trivial
School Abe-Ile la lo o [la lo o] unaccredited school organised in the hood, waswhat we attended
Won o de ko wa l’oyinbo o [‘yinbo o]and they didn’t teach us Queen’s English [Queen’sEnglish] T’a ba try, a ma ta’bon o [ta’bon o]if we try speak it, we’ll commit grammar blunder[grammar blunder]Excursion, we no dey go o [dey go o]: – – – – – – – – – –

Teacher ni ‘what is a Noun?’ [Noun]– said – – – – – –
A Noun is a Noun; omi garri is a water; eja din-dinis a fish– – – -; water in garri is a water; fried fishis a fish
Omo o; thank God we made it, [ Made it! ] fellas;
Out of the Lungu [Lungu]out of the hood [hood]

There should be a better way of saying these things, don’t you think so? It’s something a portion of the populace can relate to. Albeit, the content is not for persons under 18. Olamide baddo – street champ – can still make hit records without overly being raw and lewd. Well parental advisory is advised.

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