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The 12 most outrageous gifts celebrities have received for Christmas (With Pictures)


Most outrageous gifts celebrities have received – Christmas is the time of year when friends and family get together and celebrate love, family togetherness and a little time off from work. Who doesn’t love Christmas, with parties, snow, gifts and just general merriment that seems to come with the season? It’s the season of spoiling our loved ones with gifts that come straight from the heart.


As much as we would like to believe it, celebrities aren’t that different from us when it comes to spending time with family over the holidays. They too enjoy some time off from their rigorous schedules to share gifts with the people that they love. Of course, when it comes to gift giving most celebrities have deep pockets and can give gifts that can at times amount to the cost of some of our homes.

They spare no expense during the Christmas season, and when they give a gift, we are all often in awe. Some of the gifts that celebrities pass around over Christmas are so lavish and expensive that it makes a traditional Christmas for most seem cheap.

When it comes to Christmas it shouldn’t be about the price tag; it should be about taking the time to pick out a gift that your loved one will cherish, no matter the cost. That’s what Christmas is all about after all. If you think you have seen it all, then try this list – You will see some of the most ridiculous gifts that celebrities give and receive over the Christmas holidays.

12. Mike Tyson Gave $2 Million Bathtub To Wife


Mike Tyson was once a very wealthy man before he got himself in $38 million of debt. The thing that got him was reportedly his terrible spending habits. I’ve always wondered how I would handle winning the lottery, and there are certainly people in everyday life that have trouble staying out of debt as well.

Mike Tyson is no stranger to living extravagantly; he was after all one of many celebrities to collect a Bengal tiger as a pet. One of the most expensive gifts he gave was to his then-wife, Robin Givens. He bestowed his lovely wife with a new bathtub that cost him a whopping $2 million.

These extravagant gifts may have been the reason he got into financial stress in the first place in 2004. He was one of many celebrities that was involved in the roast of Charlie Sheen; that bathtub made the cut when it came time to throw jabs at Tyson.



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