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13 Real life giants you won’t believe exist (With Pictures)

Real life giants – “Wow, you’re so tall.” “Do you play basketball?” “How’s the weather up there?” When you have legs that are longer than the legs of others, there’s no real way to hide them. It’s near impossible to blend in with the crowd or disguise yourself because you’ll tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Everywhere you’ll go, people will feel the need to point out how tall you are, like you aren’t already aware of your height. They’ll always ask if you play basketball, even if you don’t exactly have the best hand-eye coordination.


It’s just one of those frustrating experiences that comes with the height. But what about if you’re unusually tall? Like one of the tallest-people-in-the-world tall?

If you’re one of the tallest people in the world, you’ll undoubtedly attract lots of attention, whether you want it or not. Those who find themselves setting records for their height just have to take it in stride. Some actually embrace the fame they garner, while others run away from it.

So prepare to be amazed and feel short while you read this list of 13 real-life giants you won’t believe exist.

13. Ghulam Shabbir—7’3

You’ve seen a lot of tall models, but you’ve probably never seen a model like Ghulam Shabbir. Ghulam Shabbir was born to a family of farmers in an agricultural village in Pakistan. By the time he was 10, he soared over his family and classmates.

Wanting to exchange the rice fields he toiled in for foreign lands, he hired an agent at the age of 17 and found a career in modeling. He was placed in a number of print and TV ads, as well as promotional events.

The 34-year-old, nicknamed the “Gentle Giant”, now owns his business in Dubai, and doesn’t mind the crowds of onlookers that gather wherever he goes. He has lived somewhat of a difficult life though, noting how he needs 11 meters of cloth just to sew a suit.



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