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10 extreme things that only happen in the p*rn industry – #2 will knock you out (With Photos)

Porn industry : The adult entertainment industry is a wild one. A lucrative one, to be sure! But definitely a wild one. What really happens behind the closed doors of a shoot? Do stars live the sex goddess lives that they seem to in the films? Do they really crave all that sex, or is it just another paycheque for them? How many people even look at adult content? And most importantly, how many men are in that photo grabbing at Lisa Sparks? Trust me, we wouldn’t be able to fit the total number in there.


The answers will surprise you. Give this list a look and prepare to be amazed at how little you actually knew about adult entertainment.

There are many facets to adult entertainment and this list covers everything from impressive to aggressive to repulsive. Who knew things could get so out of hand when you put a bunch of naked people in a room and have tons of money to throw at it? They say a new adult video is uploaded close to once every 40 minutes. Are you going to wait around or do you want to do some light reading in the meantime? Here we go:

10. Money, Money, Moooneeeeey

Only the sex industry, and we’re talking adult videos, phone sex, prostitution, strip clubs, etc, makes more profit than any other industry in the world. It is the largest industry, and boy do they rake it in. Videos alone account for $13 billion annually. An obscene amount of money. Move over, Hollywood, there’s a new cinematic powerhouse in town. Sure, the explosions are of a different variety. The sound tracks aren’t quite as good, either. But the plot lines are about the same caliber! Who isn’t riveted by Spider Babe or Kinky Kong? We’re sure the budgets were more reasonable for those two films than their Hollywood remake counterparts.



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