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Mysterious places on earth scientists still cant explain – This’ll make you fear GOD (With Photos)

Mysterious places on earth: Have you ever wondered what the global society created by humans would look like if they ever dropped the neutron bomb, failed to contain an outbreak of a global pandemic disease (Ebola, anyone?), became victim to a infected-zombie-outbreak, or we all decided to go and live on a planet elsewhere in the cosmos? Basically a world without humans. Something strange happens when you remove the population from the architecture it was created for, things start to get a little spooky and surreal, to quote Bored Panda, “History books are one way to understand the passage of time, but there are also some real-life monuments that speak of the past in their own ways.”


In it’s own way the lack of people populating these places gives you an eerie insight into how short our time on this planet really is, either as an individual, or a society.

Here are 10 examples that offer a glimpse into a world without humans and the reasons behind their departure.

1. Danvers State Insane Asylum

Bet, this time, you’re positive the exteriors for the 2nd season of the AHS: Asylum were filmed in this creepy place. Nope. Wrong again! Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts has gone by many names; it’s been variously known as the Danvers Insane Asylum, State Lunatic Hospital, even Hell House on the Hill and other such lovely monikers. During its heyday in the 20s and 30s there were controversies over its given out the use of drugs, shock therapy and lobotomies – as a matter of fact, it may have been the birthplace of lobotomy. Eventually, Danvers transformed into unsanitary and equally dangerous place for both the patients and staff. And since its closure it has fallen into a state of despair and severe creepiness. Beware, as it’s one of the most violently haunted asylums in the world.



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