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15 best s*x scenes in Hollywood for 2016 – You need to brace yourself for this (Mouthwatering Photos)

Best sex scenes in Hollywood: Who doesn’t love settling down with the family to watch the latest episode of a fantasy epic show, only to be immediately made to feel horribly uncomfortable as everyone starts frotting around like it’s the last days of Sodom while you cry desperately not to catch your mother’s gaze? That’s what TV in 2016 was, and what it will be in 2017. Sure, there are great shows, but everyone is so obsessed with breaking down sex boundaries that it’s a wonder there’s even a watershed at all, any more.


Thanks to the rise of Netflix, raunch has gotten a whole new lease of life, free of rampant censorship robbing sex scenes of their authenticity, their pay-offs and their true celebrations of the awful, messy reality that is sex. The longer we have R-rated shows making it all more realistic, the better. Particularly as that seems to have driven conventional TV shows to push the boundaries even more.

Where else would you see a blood-soaked orgy between monstrous horror characters, or Fifty Cent’s uncensored penis, or zombie holocaust survivors pausing from scrabbling for life to tenderly boff each other between attacks? That’s the great thing about TV these days – it’s absolutely more mental than it ever has been, and it’s still just as obsessed with rudeness. It’s just that it’s a lot braver to actually explore that sexuality nowadays.

Here are the hottest, best written and funniest sex scenes from 2016’s TV shows.



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