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10 female jobs that will surely lead to divorce – #3 is the one we fear the most

Lead to divorce : The experience of being in a divorce not only takes a tole on your emotions but it can negatively impact your mind and physical appearance. We live in a world that is focussed on status, income, and lifestyle. Now that women have a better chance at climbing higher up the corporate ladder, we are seeing more job opportunities such as trade work and executive positions opening up to females. I will never forget the day when I was driving on a busy road and saw a woman working with a team of men on a construction site.


I will never forget the day when I was driving on a busy road and saw a woman working with a team of men on a construction site.

While all of this sounds great, the reality is there are careers that will negatively impact the dynamic of a marriage and a relationship in general. This might be the very same reason that we all know at least one person that is simply not interested in being in a committed relationship, having children or settling down.

The amount of time a person has to spend on the job, the overall job environment, the stress that comes with the profession or the emotional investment of the position itself may all play a factor in why a divorce could be around the corner.

For all of the students or seasoned professionals reading this article, take out a pen and notepad and get ready for a quick education as we cover 12 female careers that are sure to lead to divorce.

12. Actress

Whether you are a Baby Boomer, Millennial or Generation Z, we can’t count on both hands the number of actresses that have filed for divorce with their celebrity or non-celebrity spouse. As we look into the glass window of their relationships through tabloids and red carpet pictures, the life of an actress seems like it is to die for, but in some cases, the reality is far from glamorous. The job may bring with it several challenges, such as being selected for a movie role that requires you to be on the other side of the planet.

Not to mention that kissing a popular singer in a music video can create speculation in the relationship. We also cannot forget about the temptation of groupies, people close to them in their entourage, or the nightlife.

Even the headline of a tabloid can create a rift between you and your partner. Many believe that once a story is printed in a reputable magazine, it must be true. Yes, there are actresses that have been happily married for a very long time but they are usually the ones that keep their personal lives private. Perhaps because they know how hard it can be to protect their relationship in Hollywood!



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