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10 Hollywood celebrities who stink badly – #1’s smell is a killer! (With Photos)

Celebrities who stink: When we see them on the big screen or all glammed up on the red carpet, celebrities seem to be impossibly put together – their hair shines, their teeth sparkle, their skin glows. They seem like the embodiment of gorgeous, healthy individuals. It only makes sense that they would smell incredible as well. After all, they have access to the most expensive products and perfumes, anything their heart desires. They go through make-up and hair and then spritz themselves with their favorite scent before stepping out in front of the cameras, right?


Wrong. So, so wrong.

Sure, there are probably countless celebrities who smell as great as they look. Even if they don’t bother with cologne and perfume, they at least make sure that when they show up on set they smell clean and fresh – after all, there’s a good chance they’ll be getting up close and personal with at least one of their co-stars. They want to make the experience as painless as possible for everyone involved.

However, there are a few celebrity exceptions. Whether it’s because of environmental reasons, personal beliefs, research for a role or simply because they’re just too darn lazy to shower, there are a few celebrities who are known to smell a little ripe at times.

Here are 10 celebrities who allegedly stink.

10. Robert Pattinson

Pattinson is most known for his role of Edward Cullen in the super successful Twilight film franchise, a role that thrust him into the public eye and into the hearts of teenage fans across the world. He’s also known for his particular… aroma. Pattinson has been completely forthright about his hygiene, and even told a tabloid in his native UK that he won’t wash himself or change his clothes until “it gets to the point where even I can’t stand the air around me.” He blamed his crazy schedule, but really, Rob – is it that hard to change a t-shirt or hop in for a quick five minute shower? Apparently, many who are forced to work with him have also had their nostrils assaulted by his offensive odor. It’s surprising that so many fans still lust after him – perhaps they just never get close enough. Also See: Top 10 most friendliest dog breeds in history of the world (With Pictures)



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