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15 Nicki Minaj’s Transformation that shows that she’s very crazy – See which of her body part is fake

Nicki Minaj’s transformation: Nicki Minaj has gone through quite the transformation over her life. Looks are incredibly important to superstars. Often women are judged, whether fairly or unfairly, by how they look. It really doesn’t matter what walk of life you are talking about, women are almost always judged far more than men about their looks. Nicki Minaj is more than aware of this fact and regularly puts herself on display for any and all takers. Taking that position has led Minaj to go through a massive physical transformation that has taken her down the path of plastic surgery again and again. 


Minaj has juiced both her boobs and butt to maximize her hourglass look. Numerous facial surgeries have literally changed the color of her skin and has almost given her an Asian look. Regardless of the true number of surgeries Minaj has gone through, it is clear her transformation has taken her on quite a ride.

14. No Words

Shock value is always a good thing for a celeb. Shock value is something celebrities attempt to use to their advantage. It is something they coordinate brilliantly to maximize the attention they get and to prop up their Instagram numbers. This kind of shock value gets them into the mainstream entertainment media and inside entertainment rags. Here is Nicki Minaj in all of her glory, looking more like one of the Avatar species as opposed to a human being. Why is she looking so blue in this picture with crazy cleavage and wild pink hair? This pose (and the entire picture, honestly) makes little to no sense, but it is wildly consistent with what Nicki Minaj does. Shock sells.



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