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Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 27 – The kissing, wild fun etc; this is all you missed (#BBNaija)

Highlights from Big Brother Naija: Housemates wake up to disturbing drum beats 

Despite winning their “Make Noise” Task on Thursday, several Housemates were back at it in the morning, making noise for the rest of them! Leading the pack in the racket were Jon, Efe, TTT and Kemen. They called themselves the “Phly Band” and played the drums they used during the Task Presentation night, waking up the rest of the Housemates who were still fast asleep.

When Jon was asked on how he came up with the idea of making noise, he said, “The spirit led me and I started beating the drum,” much to the amusement of the Housemates.

While beating on the drums, the quartet waltzed into the bedroom, where Debie-Rise, Ese and TBoss were still tucked in. The visibly annoyed girls wasted no time in letting the guys know that they were not pleased. Debie-Rise even went to the extent of chasing the guys out of the bedroom, carrying a tub of water and an iron rod.

This went on for a while, until HOH Ese and Efe took it to a whole new level. They played a game they called “Do as I do”. Every time Ese said or did something, Efe mimicked her. Ese sang, laughed and screamed and Efe did the same. All the other Housemates sat around the kitchen counter, obviously amused by the two.  

This continued for a while, while the other Housemates were busy with preparing breakfast.

Discussion of Ideal partners

The Housemates sat around the garden and “unpacked” their ideal partners, with the ladies going first.

The conversation started from the guys asking the girls to choose which one, among the guys, they would pick to go out on a casual date with. TBoss was asked to choose between Kemen, Bassey and Effe and she chose Efe.



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