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15 things you should never say to a woman – #3 and #1 can make her run away from you

2. Saying nothing at all

Women can admit (or at least most of them can) that they always want to have the last word and it’s nearly impossible not to butt into what you’re saying during a fight. They’re always out to make their point and counter what you’ve said and that’ll never change. The only way to avoid those annoying habits is to say nothing at all during an argument; but that’s also one of the worst things that you can do to a woman. She’s going to think that you don’t care about whatever it is you’re arguing about or that you literally don’t have the capability to communicate when things get hard. Just always have a response ready, because saying nothing at all is going to make the problem exponentially bigger.


1. “Is it that time of the month?”

Hands down, the worst thing to say to a woman is “is it that time of the month?” Even if you’re right about it being “that time of the month,” she’s still going to be pissed that you’d ask. Using a woman’s period as a means to justify why she’s angry makes you seem insensitive and like her feelings aren’t validated just because she’s on her period. If she’s not actually going through her time of the month and you ask if she is, that’s going to upset her too. Men have to learn to respect that women’s anger always needs to be valid – and it doesn’t need to be justified with “that time of the month.” This one may be a funny joke to you and your buddies, but it’s also one of the quickest ways to cause a woman to blow her stack.

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