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28 photos that prove Dubai is the craziest city in the World – These guys spend money like it’s nothing (With Pics)

If you want to live in a luxury life, then Dubai could be the perfect place for you. It is the most expensive city in the Middle East. Back in 1992 most of the land in Dubai was mostly plain desert but now it changes a lot. They built huge infrastructures that are breathtaking. Their culture also shows how rich they are. Having a Ferrari and Lamborghini lining-up in the streets is like a normal day from them and even their police force are using it. If you don’t want to believe then you need to see the proofs below.


1. Why withdraw money when you can withdraw gold?


2. Playing Tennis here.. cos we can!

3). And a traffic jam full of luxury cars. That’d be a very expensive car accident.

4. That’s an interesting form of transportation.


5. Abandoned Luxury cars in Dubia’s airport parking lot.. they’re so rich, they don care about a rotting luxury car

6.  Want to avoid traffic? Just transport your car by helicopter, Duh!



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