10 celebs who looked better before they became rich and famous – Nicki Minaj was way prettier (With Pics)

Celebs who looked better: We always tell ourselves that we’d look way better if we had personal trainers, makeup artists, and assistants at our beck and call. But obviously this isn’t true for some, these celebs included. In fact, these celebs not only didn’t use their assets to their greatest potential, but they looked better before they gained them. It’s not that they are ugly now, but looking at them before will blow you away with how attractive they were. Many of them are gorgeous now, so that makes them all that much more appealing to hear they were even more attractive when they were a “nobody.”


Now, in no particular order, let’s take a look at fifteen celebs who looked way better before they became famous. We guarantee you haven’t seen all of these shots, but you sure will be glad that you saw them.

10. Pamela Anderson Was A Babe Even Before Baywatch

Although Pam Anderson looked amazing in Baywatch, she actually looked a lot better before she starred in the hit show. She was amazing in Baywatch, but she was even better before. She had such a beautiful glow and light in her eyes. She looked like the perfect natural beauty before fame got to her. Back in her Home Improvement days, she was still doing well for herself, and she was stunning at every point in her career. But the longer it went on, the worse it got. Just look at how perfect she was before all of it. As a teen, she was without a care in the world.

Any vintage photos of her are guaranteed to blow you away. The young model was a natural, a word that she would eventually hold as nothing but a memory in a few short years.


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