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10 celebs who looked better before they became rich and famous – Nicki Minaj was way prettier (With Pics)

This was a high school photo and although her hair could use a bit of TLC, her face is stunning. She has a bit of a baby face, but that tenseness that built up over time is nowhere to be found. This was seen early on in her career and it only got worse. Just look at this before fame picture and compare it to the first Bridget Jonesmovie. There is still quite the difference that has nothing to do with age. She’s still beautiful, but that look that she had back then is unobtainable.

8. Katy Perry Was The Hot Girl Next Door

Katy Perry started out as a Christian singer who decided that she needed more (money, fans, and something else) so she debuted to the world with “I Kissed A Girl,” one of the most controversial songs of the decade. Despite this, she seemed to be fresh, clean, and quirky for most of her career. It’s just recently that she got rather wild in a not so appealing way.

Anyway, like it or not, before her career, she was quite the beauty (not that she hasn’t always been). It’s simply that as a teen, she was your classic girl next door, without the glitz and glamour. There’s something that is so attractive about that. We’re talking wife material here. Katy Perry was every guy’s dream when she was younger. We only hope she can start drifting back to that person again. Although blue hair never hurt anyone, it’d be nice to see her with a fresh face.

7. Kim Kardashian Was Beautiful Au Naturel

Although the Kardashians have always been known, they never really rose to fame until Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired. Kim K is one of the most famous and most Googled woman in the world. After all, she is gorgeous! But she was even more gorgeous before she became a trending topic. This old photo here is from her senior yearbook, and boy does she look perfect.



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