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7 ways to know if her bo*bs are FAKE – #7 tells it all

Boobs are fake: What does a fake breast actually feel like? Why did she have to go through the trouble of getting her breasts augmented? These are all questions you’re probably thinking about once you start to suspect that your girlfriend’s boobs are, ahem, enhanced. Do take note that size alone isn’t a great indicator of whether or not a woman is sporting a silicone pair. The media may have encouraged us to think that all fake breasts are triple D’s popping out of an itty bitty bikini, but this is not always the case. Not all women want ridiculously large breasts.


In fact, some women may even be more than pleased with a modest b-cup!

It should be pointed out, however, that fake or not, all boobs are pretty fantastic – from the au naturel sets to the cosmetically enhanced versions. But for the mere sake of sating your curiosity, allow us to assist you in ascertaining if your girl has indeed had some work done on her blouse bunnies. 

How can you tell if she’s had surgery on her breasts?

So how do you find out if your girlfriend has had some work done without performing a squeeze test? Staring is rude, but you may not be able to help yourself when it comes to her mysterious rack. Read the tips below to help you solve the mystery of your girlfriend’s overly perky, fabulous breasts.

#1 The shape test. The biggest indicator of whether your girlfriend is sporting breast implants or not is the way they look. Natural breasts can sometimes take on a “sloped” look, as real breasts are pear-shaped, with the bulk of mass being at the bottom of the breast *thanks, gravity!*. Breast implants, however, defy the laws of physics and retain their perfectly rounded shape, no matter what position they are in.



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