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LADIES!! Get your long time boyfriend to propose this Christmas season with these 7 tips – #4 & #5 will make him yours forever

How to get your boyfriend to propose: The year is  coming to an end and we are sure everyone wants to go into 2018 on an exciting note. Who doesn’t anyway. How do you end 2017 on a  bang and get your man to ask you to marry him?How do you end this year with such exciting news? Not to worry we’d make you know quick ways to get your man to propose.

1. Become Indispensable

If your boyfriend is dragging his feet when it comes to proposing, it doesn’t mean he does not see you as a part of his future. He just needs to have a feeling inside of him that lets him know he can’t live the rest of his life without you by his side.

To make sure that he not only wants but needs you in his life, you have to become the complete package. You should be his sounding board, his best friend, his weekend game partner, and the best at making his favorite kind of meals.

Also, a major part of becoming indispensable is to realize that your guy needs time away from you, as well.

Whether he spends this time apart reading a book, or hanging out with his friends, he will appreciate the fact that you are confident and secure in the relationship to give him a breather every now and then.



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