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Causes, symptoms and natural home remedies of toilet disease

Toilet infection is medically termed as vaginal infection or vaginitis. They are conditions that cause infection or inflammation of the vagina creating discharge, foul odor, irritation and itching.

Symptoms of Toilet Infections

The common symptoms of the various kinds of toilet infection are; itching, vaginal discharge, and burning. Irrespective of how similar these symptoms look like, you should be able to point out the difference by examining the colour and the smell of the vaginal discharge.

Experiencing any kind of discharge that is different from  white or yellow and has a fuel smell, frequency, quantity and texture might be a strong indication that you have toilet infection.

Pain also can be felt however its not a common symptom of toilet infection.


1. Douching or excessive washing of the vagina, particularly after sex, menses or even while bathing.

2. Wearing tight underwear or not keeping the vagina dry after bathing.

3. Excessive use of creams, perfumes or soap near the vagina.

4. It could also be due to hormones.

5. Excessive use of antibiotics.

6. Having unprotected sex.



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