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10 photos of Dubai rich kids living Lavish lifestyles – These guys don’t even know what to do with money anymore (Photos)

Rich kids of dubai: Many of those Dubai Billionaires who have a crazy amount of money had their children in the late 80s and early 90s, and those kids didn’t exactly embrace traditional Middle Eastern values. Growing up watching American television and movies made them realize they could have what they saw because their parents were richer than the famous people they saw on TV. Their parents were busy raking in the cash selling the Americans their oil, so they raised themselves, and in the process, became the object of jealousy of the very American kids they originally were trying so hard to be like . Ironic.

With the Internet celebrating all things over the top, the lives of these super-rich kids, who are now spoiled young adults, have become popular to follow. Finally, they can get the attention they never got from their parents. We’re here for you; don’t be shy with the tips. Here are 10 Photos of the Lavish Lifestyle of the Rich Kids of Dubai.

10 Keepin’ It Real, At Least 88% Real

rich kids of Dubai
rich kids of Dubai

The danger of being one of the Rich Kids of Dubai is that you have to start to wonder what around you is real and what about you is real. Once again, we have no idea what this woman’s name is, but we’re going to assume that there are many parts of this lovely lady that were helped by plastic surgeons. Those breasts can’t be real. We also don’t think those lips are real, and that hair was probably purchased for thousands of dollars as well. If you have the money and it’s what you need to be happy, fantastic. We think that the giant boat with the jacuzzi would be enough, but sometimes it isn’t. Why doesn’t her bikini match, though? Does she have the mismatched top and bottom someplace at home? It seems that with all of her money, having to wear unmatched bathing suits wouldn’t be something that would be part of this woman’s life.

9 Keeping the Peasants Gainfully Employed

rich kids of Dubai
rich kids of Dubai

There are a lot of ways to play a Rich Kid of Dubai. You can be the “I deserve this all” type and act like you’re entitled to the riches that have befallen you, or you could play the type of person who is surprised at what having money is like. The problem with the second option, however, is that sometimes, it makes you come off as looking either stupid, spoiled, or both. You can be the judge of how Iman Lopez looks in the Instagram post from the Dubai Mall where she seems genuinely surprised and delighted that there is porter service to help her carry all of those Ralph Lauren bags. Those are a lot of bags, too. Obviously, whatever the co-founder of 3Prive Couture spent was just a drop in the bucket of her overall wealth. That poor guy who has to carry her stuff — he looks like a reject from The Nutcracker. At least he got to hang out with a sexy lady all day. Hopefully, she tipped him well.



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