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Mummy you are lying, mummy you lied joor – This boy crying because of injection has gone viral LOL

LOL! I laugh ‘not because’ of his pain but because of memories of the time I used to be extremely scared of needles and worse still, injections. I dreaded the thought of needles piercing my butt, hand or anywhere for that matter. Even when it was just for blood test, I’d cry my lungs out, I’d cry till I am promised meat-pie.

LOL, yes, that was my weak point. I was a sucker for Mr. Biggs’ Pie (When the Biggs was still Pie-Licious) Watching this video made me realise how much of a “tata-tata” I was. (PS: tata means pikin or baby in Ishan, Edo language).

The video shows a child being administered by a nurse in his home. Apparently, he wasn’t feeling fine, so a nurse was called to examine him and do the needful. After being checked, she realised he needed to be pricked. Then, came the screams and cries made by the growing boy.

It was a war of words and a break of trust from mother to son, as the boy screamed, “mummy you lied, mummy you are lying, why? why?”

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He kept going on and on, saying, “Aunty nurse stop, stop, stop! Please stop”, “Mummy tell aunty nurse to stop!”

All through his screams and anguish, his mum recorded the video (probably to show him how much of a tata he was). Lol.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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Here are some reaction from the video:

Facebook reactions from "Mummy you are lying" video
Facebook reactions from “Mummy you are lying” video
Facebook reactions from "Mummy you are lying" video
Facebook reactions from “Mummy you are lying” video

Do you think he would ever trust his mum again? Lol!

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  1. Chika Immaculate says

    This mum has betrayed trust of the child. There are other ways to do it without telling him lies.

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