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”Play my daughter’s song or face my trouble” – Yemi Alade’s mother disgraces herself in a local Joint in Abuja

A Nigerian man identified as Ikem Okuhu has shared juicy details about singer, Yemi Alade’s mother. According to him, he was at a beer parlour in Abuja when Yemi’s mother, Helen Uzoma allegedly started causing chaos after a few bottles of alcoholic drink. Yemi’s mum, Helen was out of line on October 29, when she was at a beer parlour and allegedly started causing trouble with the workers of the place and all hell broke loose.

According to the Eyewitness, Okuhu, the problem began when the DJ refused to play Uzoma one of her daughter’s songs. It appears singer Yemi Alade‘s number one fan in the entire universe is her mother, Helen Uzoma.

It is a blessing when one’s parent supports their business but certain lines have to be drawn. A recent experience narrated by Facebook user, Ikem Okuhu, has the internet aghast with terror.


Apparently, Uzoma wanted to jolly to her daughter’s songs and wanted expected everyone to be fine with it. when her request was denied, she didn’t take it likely and allegedly started fighting with the disc jockey and the waiter who tried calming her down.

It is said that Helen is a regular at the bar and causes trouble at the bar on a regular basis and it doesn’t seem new to anyone, so no one intervenes when she starts her bitter rantings.

Okuhu revealed that he was shocked to find that it was indeed a celebrity’s mother and advised that she be spoken to as such behaviour can by extension, ruin her daughter’s hard-earned image.

Read full post as shared by Ikem below.

“Yemi Alade, if what I am witnessing here is anything to go by, then you have a lot to do about this woman they said is your mother. Na wa o!”

“Still on Yemi Alade

“So I walked into this pub in this city for a bottle or two and then have the chance to watch the Tottenham/Man City match in that environment where we men love to watch ball games.

“Tame “toosh” joint o! And as soon as the alluring aroma of Jollof Rice wafted through the pervasive smell and smoke from the suya Mallam nearby, I remembered I was also hungry and ordered for a plate.

“Just one scoop and the screaming started. Because it was a lady’s voice bursting her lungs in head-breaking English, I lifted myself off my seat for a better view.

“Light complexioned, quite busty even for a woman of her age and garbed in blue gown, she screamed and banged the bar table, threatening the bottles, the beers and the glasses protecting the “holy” contents.

“Look! You don’t know me! I say you don’t know me at all!!! I am a barrack girl o! I am a barrack girl!!! My madness no get cure if I start to dey crase o!”

“I just cannot remember all. And she went on for more than an hour. Sad thing was no one bothered to respond to her. No one, except an unfortunate bartender that tried to explain whatever was the reason for the tiff.

“And then the fight started. She immediately pounced on him, forcing him to retreat behind a door.

“I had to ask the lady attending to me who she was and to my shock, she informed me this screaming woman was the mother of Yemi Alade, the “Johnny” crooner.

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“Not seen such irresponsibility in a long time. All the people on her table had to keep quiet, then depart one by one.

“I got told she’s a regular at that pub.

“When she was done painting the place with expletives, she called a cab. The red Nissan Primera 1986 model drove in and then another fight. It happened that while waiting for her, another car had come in and made the mistake of parking behind.

“Madam began to bleat and howl and shriek again. Then the car owner emerged and made way.

“Madam drove off, returned about 5 minutes later in the same cab, sat in the front passenger seat and continued shouting her anger at everyone and no one.

“And so I asked who got her so annoyed?

“It had happened that after her entry and a few bottles, she had asked the DJ to play her daughter’s song(s). Proud mother wanted everybody to know she was the mother of that velvet-voiced singer.

“But the DJ had responded that he didn’t have Yemi Alade’s songs on his playlist.

“It’s not something you want to witness. She looked every inch like she was a troubled woman. The type that needs Yemi to spend some of her monies to better take care of…

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  1. Daniel Adedamola says

    Iya celebrity

  2. NikkyLuv Emmanuel says

    Na byforce 2play her song hisssss

  3. Johnson Elizabeth says

    I don’t know this woman’s problem

  4. Endy WH Breez says

    Why wont you play her daughter song for her? Even if she is not the mother of Yemi Alade, cant a customer request for a song?

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