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8 most common nightmares finally explained – If you want to stop eating in your dreams, No. 7 is for you (With Pics)

Most common nightmares: Dreams are crazy. We dream often, but we don’t always remember them. Remembering your dreams is something that you actually have to learn and practise. It’s easy to just wake up and brush your dreams off, or think that they have no meaning or purpose, but if you ignore your dreams, it’s likely you’re ignoring part of your mental health. If you’re dealing with a problem or issue in your real life, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have nightmares more often. If you have past trauma that you try to ignore, it will come back and haunt you in your dreams.

Although you dream every night, you definitely don’t always have nightmares. Dreams are usually just your brain’s way of working out the day’s activities as well as your worries. If you’re someone who has a lot of anxiety in your life, it’s likely that it will show up in your dreams in some form as well. Even if your life is seemingly perfect and you don’t have that many issues that you can think of, that doesn’t mean you’re free of nightmares. They can just be your fears and anxieties acting themselves out.

If you start to analyze, record, and evaluate your dreams, you can really improve your way of thinking and overall quality of life. We’ve collected 15 common nightmares and made a list for you so the next time you’re thinking about a crazy nightmare, you might be able to do something about it! Here are 8 Of Your Most Common Nightmares Finally Explained.


most common nightmares
most common nightmares

Dreaming about snakes is similar to how we might see snakes in real life. They can be sneaky and deceptive and you never know when they’re going to strike. This is the same in your dreams. The snake represents a problem that you don’t have control over and you don’t know when it strikes.

Dreaming about a rat has a similar meaning to the snake. It really depends on what the rat does and what you do with the rat to get a specific interpretation. Dreams about snakes and rats also have to do with deception. Maybe there’s someone deceptive in your life that you feel you can’t trust.

Dreams about spiders represent manipulation. Either you’re being manipulated or you’re manipulating others. Dreams about bugs and spiders, in general, represent your fears and anxieties, so if you often dream of bugs, it’s likely you often experience anxiety throughout your day.


most common nightmares
most common nightmares

Dreaming about flying can really be an incredible thing. Depending on whether you’re lucid dreaming or not can also really make for an exciting dream. Things can quickly go south, however, once you start to fall!

Flying in a dream means that you’re confident and nothing can stop you. Once you start to lose your ability to fly and are falling, it represents that you lack control in your life and have no stability or confidence. Think about where you’re flying and what you’re looking at below when you’re in the sky.

Flying or falling from a high point can also be a representation about getting a new perspective on life. Maybe there’s an issue you’re having and you need to take a step back and look at things from an aerial perspective.



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