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Five best places to consider installing CCTV in the home

Home Security has turned out to be one of the major concerns of individuals especially when one’s home is located in environments with limited or inadequate security.

Thanks to science, the world has seen quite an improvement in security gadgets such as Vivint doorbell that can expose invaders and another of such gadgets are Closed Circuit Television CCTV.

While the use of by individuals have grown over the years, some individuals are however still installing it the wrong ways and as such some invaders are able to bypass the cameras and carry out their dastard acts.

While people who are new to the use of CCTV buy a singular camera others buy as many as possible but still go ahead to fix them in wrong locations.

Before installing a CCTV, it is best to consider the locations in and around your home that will provide you with the widest viewing range, areas where people come in and move out the most in your home.

Below are five locations to consider installing a CCTV in your home:

1. At the Exit and Entrance
This is one of the busy areas in every home and also the best areas to install a CCTV. This is likely going to be one of the areas an invader will use to get access to your home. Note if you have a back door, consider installing a camera there too.

2. Window that are not visible from outside your home
This is another area you should consider installing a CCTV as they cannot be seen from outside your home.

3. In the most used areas in the home
This is one area you should consider when it comes to installing a CCTV in your home like the sitting room or others area where people use the most.

4. Where your valuables are
One of the reasons why CCTVs are installed is to spot thieves who could want to steal from you, installing one where your valuables are is not an option, it is necessary.

5. The Kitchen area
Perhaps you have kitchen staff and would want to monitor them, installing a CCTV there is a good way to do that.

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