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Nigerian lady laments about her ordeal from her past relationship

An anonymous Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament about the ordeal that rocked her previous relationship.

In a lengthy post that surfaced online, she revealed how her former boyfriend played her for a fool while in the relationship.

The lady stated that as she and her ex-lover had something going on, she discovered that her then boyfriend was making plans to get married to another lady under her nose, after reading a text on his phone that had to do with marriage proposal.

Perturbed by this, she stated that she made a tough decision to bow out from the deceitful relationship for her own wellbeing in order to go find genuine love somewhere else.

Narrating her ordeal, she said:

“My boyfriend of 6 years got so drunk that he gave me his phone to set an alarm for him as he has to wake up early the next day to attend a funeral with his elders. He said he was the one driving them there since the elders have never been put in place. I set the alarm for him and I was to put the phone away an sms came through and it read: “I can’t wait to finally be your wife tomorrow.” Hayi guys I felt my heart beat on my throat. I decided to search his phone and that man wasn’t going to any funeral but to pay lobola for someone else. I then decided to text the woman and said “I keep my promises, I am making you my wife after how long of dating?” I further said “I am asking this so you realise that I am a man of my words” she replied “just 8 months daddy, thank you for being everything I prayed for.” Guys if I didn’t die that day I never will. I changed the alarm to four hours later than the time he requested, locked his house and left with car and house keys.”

She further went on to note that ever since she went her separate way, her former boyfriend took to disparaging her image because of the humiliation he received from the incident, hence she inquired from Nigerians if she went overboard to get their diverse opinions following what transpired.

“To this day he hates me and tells everyone that I’m evil. He and his family never pitched for the lobola negotiations and the woman left him for humiliating her and her family. I am now married to someone else and he hates me and hates the child I have with him. Am I really evil? I was just hurt and wanted to hurt him too. Did I go too far?”


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