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Kate Henshaw Lashes Out at People Calling Her out for Her Silence on Sylvester Oromoni’s Murder

Kate Henshaw has lashed out at those who called her out for her silence on Dowen college student, Sylvester Oromoni’s murder.

Some Nigerians tagged her for not joining the clamour for Sylvester’s justice and she made a video in response.

In her video, she said;

“What I just ask all of you who feel you have the right to tag me and throws insults that you cannot be selective in your call out. Your outrage is so hypocritical and insipid.

Okay? What are you calling me out for? Few years ago, when a school teacher raped a two-year-old girl in Chrisland School, I posted the picture after asking questions and getting the right information from Mirabel Centre.

The guy threatened to sue me and I had to speak to Dr. Jide Odinkalu about my options and he said, ‘Oh don’t worry about anything’. You people just foam at the mouth and call names for what? You choose when and not to speak out. I choose to speak out every time and it is not for you to tell me and tag me to some meaningless post.”

“Clout-chasing wannabe blogger saying ‘I’m scrolling through celebrity pages.’ Oh please scroll through my page. Scroll. You will see the man’s picture there. You people, I didn’t hear your voice then. You have the guts to tag me.

Some people are saying, ‘I’m disappointed in you. You are disappointed in yourself. You cannot choose when and where not to speak. You cannot choose. Your outrage has to be seamless. Your faces, they are there. You’ve not gone to their pages.

You’re tagging Kate Henshaw. Are you okay? That teacher from Chrisland school, he is now in jail. Scroll through my page, go back years ago, you will see it. You are fake. You demand better of leaders. You demand better of schools authorities and I think a school was a bit hasty that it was because of football.”

“Yes, maybe it was because the boy said it was football because he was afraid of what was said to him that if he tells the truth, something will happen to him. So we have to keep pressing and pressing to show you the kind of injuries in the pictures. And you are tagging me?”


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