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Lady who dreamt about her husband impregnating another woman, cries out as her dream comes to pass

A lady who dreamt about her husband impregnating another woman, has cried out on social media after her dream came to pass.

According to the lady who shared her story to Facebook platform, FIA, her husband has been a chronic womanizer who sleeps with ‘everything with hole’.

She wrote:

My husband knack everything with hole. Please ma I would love u to post for me on the group and hide my identity ma My marriage is at the edge of collapsing my husband as been a chronic womanizer that doesn’t even have taste be it fat or slim he keep dating people around me people I know and some of them will even confront me that I should be careful oo that a lot of them that are outside wants to come inside …

Although we separated last year And we came back again during those period I have been having series of dreams that he got someone pregnant and the lady that was pregnant in the dream happen to be a so called lady she refer to as her sister we got married after the reunion but this shit keep happening

I found out that the lady was indeed pregnant after seeing series of msgs on my husband phone about her pregnancy I challenge my husband and he said nothing of such and I also took a bold step to talk to the lady and she said no that I should ask my man that shebi he as paid my bride price ….

Lately I and the lady started chatting we were so close and I found out that my husband is truly the father of the child and he take good care of the baby anytime I ask him something for my son he will always complain that is too much this and that but my hubby spend a lot for the lady and her daughter

I ask and confronted my husband after seeing all the chat with the lady and I also confirm from two elderly people in his family and they told me that it’s true that he invited them over for the naming but they didn’t go

I ask my hubby and the next thing he told me Is to pack my things and leave is house that why did check is phone am confused I don’t have a mother again and i don’t have were to go with my son pls ma I need ur advice.”


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