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Prostitution, Call Girls, and Run Girls laws and customs in different countries

The main advantage of in-person casinos vs a website like PlayCroco Casino, is the socialization, including drinking, smoking, and nearby access to prostitution or call girls.

Disclaimer:  An adult, working in the sex industry of her own free will, is different than sex abuse.   Learn the difference between the two:

  • Global Network of Sex Work Projects in Nigeria
  • CECE Foundation … save the child (help for child physical or sexual abuse)

Prostitution, when the adult is not free is wrong.  There is no gray area.  Sexually abusing a child is wrong.  Forcing a woman to be a sex slave is wrong.  The only time a person should ever consider hiring a prostitute or a sex worker by a different name is when the woman is choosing to do the work of her own free will and she is not addicted to drugs or alcohol.

What is a prostitute?

A prostitute is a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.  Prostitutes usually hang out on street corners waiting for customers.  Sometimes a prostitute works at a brothel.

What is a call girl?

A call girl is a female prostitute who accepts appointments by phone.

What is a runz girl?

Runs girls are a category of prostitutes in Nigeria, and they are considered high class prostitute. A runz girl is a Nigerian Slang used to refer to a girl who likes to hangout, party and most times have sex with different men for money and other benefits.   They do not hang out on street corners.

What are the other categories of prostitutes?

An Independent call girl or escort

These women work for themselves in hotels and private buildings, apartments and houses.  They charge high prices compared to street prostitutes, and they stay away from the public eye.  They typically advertise their services online, and they get to keep their profits since they are self-employed.

In the TV series, West Wing, in Season 1, Sam met a woman, Laurie, in a bar who he later found out was a call girl.  Laurie was a college study studying to become a lawyer, so she was a part-time call girl to help pay for college expenses.  Laurie did not view being a call girl as a lifetime career, but simply a well paid part-time job she did during her college years.  Although call girls are technically illegal in Washington DC, Laurie had numerous customers in high level positions in both the Democrat Party and Republican Party.

Laurie was able to keep this part-time gig under the radar until a friend blabbed to the press for money.

The show was taking the position that if a woman, of her own free will, wants to be a call girl that she should be allowed to be a call girl.  But that position changed in Season 3 Episode 8, “Women of Qumar”.

Scene: Josh is having a conversation with Abbey

The current draft says “forced prostitution.”


Excluding all other types of prostitution and sex trafficking?

Well, I suppose that’s for prosecutors to…

Well, Amy says that unless the UN removes the word ‘forced,’ it’s going to
be difficult to prosecute at all.

Scene: Josh is having a conversation with Amy

How’s making prostitution illegal not suppressing women’s rights?

How is making heroin use illegal not suppressing a heroin user’s rights?

It is, but heroin’s bad for you.

So’s being a prostitute.

How am I not supposed to call you a hypocrite when you say that the government
shouldn’t tell women what to do with their bodies.

Exercise some self-control, I guess.

Prostitution is about the subjugation of women by men for profit.

But the profit goes to the women.

In some cases. But I know of no little girl, and neither do you, who says
“I wanna be a prostitute when I grow up.” They do it ’cause they’re forced to out of
economic circumstances. And dire economic need is a form of coersion.

But the guys who breaks into my apartment and steals my stereo does it for
the same reason.

And he’s going to jail.

Yeah, because he broke into my apartment and stole my stereo, and nobody
wants that to
happen to them. But you can’t say that about the other thing.

Forget, for a second, that it’s a women’s issue. The law isn’t a deterrent.
Prostitutes advertise in the yellow pages.

Aren’t we just serving to create more criminals in a criminal environment?

I am not sure what I think about this.  I am 100% against women who are forced to do prostitution against their own free will, or the ones who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  But what about the character Laurie during the first Season of West Wing?  Laurie’s dream is to become a lawyer.

Being a call girl was a part-time job (that paid well) that she did, so she had more time to focus on her studies, so she could become a lawyer.  Should she have the freedom to make that choice, assuming that it is 100% her own free choice, working independently, not addicted to drugs or alcohol, just wanting to do the job to bring in extra cash?  Something to think about.

Escort Agency Employee

Employees of escort agencies work in private locations or hotels and charge relatively high prices. Weitzer says these employees face “moderate exploitation” since they have to give a cut of their earnings to their agencies.

This is one of those gray areas.  Are they truly “free”?  It would depend on a lot of factors.  In some areas, prostitution is legal, and so an Employee is truly an employee with all the benefits of being an employee, including health insurance, short term disability, long term disability, maternity leave, workman’s comp, and regular testing of employees for STD (and potentially even requiring that of customers).

Other times, the word “employee” is just a word, and the “employee” have no of the benefits that one expects from a true employer – employee relationship, including the right to quit.

Brothel Employee

Brothels are dedicated locations where people pay for sex and can include saunas and massage parlors.  These places are located in areas where prostitution is legal.  In some of these locations, legally registered Brothels are the only place where prostitution is legal.

The prices they charge are “moderate,” and brothel workers endure “moderate exploitation” since they have to give part of their earnings to the brothel owners.

All the same pros and cons exist for Brothel Employees as with Escort Agency Employees.  But an additional benefit is that Brothels have security services to protect the women.  This is a good thing, unless the security is also there to make sure the women do not leave.

Window Worker

This is a custom in Amsterdam.  These women are designed to entice people to enter houses of prostitution by prominently displaying the women in windows.  Since many countries have restrictions on what children can see, this is illegal is most countries, including countries where Brothels and some types of prostitution are legal.

In these Brothels, window rooms are single occupancy, separating workers from each other. Some rooms are connected to a bathroom and kitchen shared by several workers, but the women spend most of their time by themselves in front of the windows. The situation contrasts sharply with brothels, where workers can enjoy a party atmosphere and regular social contact with other providers, staff, and customers.

Bar or Casino worker

These are prostitutes that get their customers from Bars and Casinos.  Even though Brothels are legal in Nevada, they are not legal in Las Vegas.

In some countries,  to get around Prostitution being illegal, the customer pays “bar fees” for the “right” to leave with a woman for several days.  During that time, the man pays for the woman’s housing, food and other expenses.


Streetwalkers earn relatively little money and are vulnerable to exploitation.  They report less job satisfaction and get paid less than “indoor prostitutes” (bar workers, brothel workers, or call girls).

What are the laws of prostitution in Nigeria?

Prostitution is not a crime in all parts of Nigeria, and police cannot arrest prostitutes.  Although, owing to Sharia Law in Northern states in Nigeria, prostitution is prohibited. In all the Western, Eastern and Southern states in Nigeria, prostitution is not a crime.  Note that owning/running a brothel, being a pimp, trafficking persons for prostitution, use of children as sex slaves and other similar acts are criminal in all parts of Nigeria.

What are the laws of prostitution in the United States?

Prostitution is illegal in the United States with the exception of 10 Nevada counties.  Most states punish the prostitute and the customer equally; however, nine states have harsher penalties for the customer and two have harsher penalties for the prostitute.

What is the law of prostitution in Canada?

Current laws passed by the Parliament of Canada in 2014 make it illegal to purchase or advertise sexual services and illegal to live on the material benefits from sex work.

What is the law of prostitution in Israel?

Prostitution in Israel is legal, but the purchase of sex and organized prostitution in the form of brothels and pimping are prohibited.  This is called the Nordic Model.

What is the Nordic Model and what are the ten countries that follow the Nordic model?

The Nordic Model is when the purchase of sex is illegal, but the selling of sex is not illegal.  The view is that the most efficient way to combat sex trafficking and prostitution is to reduce the demand for paid sexual services.

Some countries that follow the Nordic Model are Iceland, Finland, and Norway,

Countries where prostitution is legal for both the seller and the buyer: Germany, Holland, parts of New Zealand, Australia

In the countries where prostitution is legal for both the seller and the buyer, they have seen a vast increase in sex trafficking and other forms of prostitution, including the prostitution of minors.  Though Holland legalized prostitution in 2000, only 1,000 of the country’s estimated 30,000 sex workers were able to meet the legal criteria to become licensed sex workers.

The government and non-profits reported a steep rise in illegal forms of prostitution, especially child prostitution.  It has been demonstrated that prostitution cannot be regulated, and that legalization does not bring emancipation to the women and men trapped in the sex trade.  Legalization turns pimps into managers and businessmen and sex buyers into clients and legitimatizes the abuse of those in prostitution.

Maybe prostitution went down in Iceland, Finland, and Norway, because in Europe it is very easy to travel to countries where it is legal.

Prostitution in Israel 6 months after it became legal

“Street prostitution constitutes only about 17 percent of prostitution in Israel. Most begin online, and there are websites, brothels, but they’re all in bad shape. It’s the most terrible meat market there is. The managers of these places try to get as many clients as possible and to make the girls work without any limits, even 25-30 clients in a shift. A human being can’t withstand that. You’re totally traumatized.”

“And is that image of a law student who supplements her income for her studies a false one?

I have yet to meet that student.” (probably referring to the West Wing TV Show, Season 1)

“But is there also an element of choice?

Nobody goes into it with open eyes. It’s a gradual process of deterioration, like a frog in a pot of boiling water. Usually, they start out as minors. Many of them have been tracked into it from an early age.”

“Many women say that since the implementation of the law they feel more protected because they now have tools for dealing with abusive clients.”



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