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Lady narrates how her husband assaulted her in the presence of his parents and brothers

A woman identified as Mrs Asmao from Dawoodi Bohra has recounted how she had her v*gina stitched because her mother was afraid that she was going to fall in love with someone.

She was just 12 years old. She went on to talk about the excruciating pain she felt and how her husband took off the stitches off in the presence of his entire family while she was fully n*ked despite her plea to get a doctor.

She said:

“In our community, girls would not get married unless they are circumcised, which is a sign of their purity and faithfulness towards their future husbands.

Six years ago, my mom took me to a midwife. I was 12 then and she was worried about what if I start m*sturbating or fall in love with someone. So, to curb my s*xual desires forever, she let the midwife remove my cli.toris and stitched my V*gina. The procedure was extremely horrible.

Two years ago, I got married. On my first night, I was too scared because I knew, something terrible would happen at anytime. When my husband came into our room, he removed my p*nty and looked at my v*gina and started caressing it out of EXCITEMENT.

He brought a rzor to cut those stitches so that he can have inte.rcourse with me. I asked him if we can cut these stitches from a DOCTOR. He got furious and told me, “I am waiting for this day for years and I don’t want any doctor cutting my wife’s v*gina stitches. It would be disgraceful to my family.”

When he tried to cut those stitches, I started shouting out of pain and pushed him to which he brought his mother, father and his 2 brothers into the ROOM.

They all hold me tight and my husband cut those stitches in front of his parents. It was so shameful because I was lying n*ked and they all were all laughing. There was bl0d all over the floor and I was crying out of pain.

In that condition, he had s*x with me. It wasn’t less than a r*pe. The next day, I called my mom and explained everything to which she said, “even I too went through the same. You need to be strong and satisfy your husband with everything.”

I have already lost my faith in my family, community and religion. I just hope, the government ban this cruel ritual because girls and women too have Right to have S*xual Pleasure.”


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