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What You Should Know About Volleyball Betting

Far behind football, basketball, tennis, and even handball in terms of popularity, volleyball is among the sports considered less popular. But despite its low media coverage, this sporting activity, today more than ever, attracts a significant number of enthusiasts that cannot be underestimated for various reasons.

It is also a sport preferred by many who love betting. You can access various volleyball betting platforms to bet on the game and win. Do you want to bet on volleyball but don’t know how to increase your chances of success? Do not worry because, in this article, you will find everything you need to know to succeed in your volleyball bets while playing responsibly.

Types Of Volleyball Bets

Popular betting options in volleyball include:

Game Winner

Whatever the discipline, the bet on the result of the sports meeting or “match winner” bet is always part of the offers of sports betting sites. And as is often the case when betting on football and basketball, to name a few, this type of bet is very popular in volleyball. The “1/2” bet is regularly played by beginners and experienced bettors.

Double Chance

With the “double chance” bet, you can bet on two different outcomes at the same time. Indeed, this combined bet, regularly placed in football, is also possible in volleyball. It is, for example, accessible for the “winner of the competition” bet. Here, it offers you the possibility of betting on two teams, doubling your chances of winning the jackpot.


Also known as a “more or less” bet, the “Over/under” bet is a classic sports bet. In volleyball, it allows the player, for example, to bet on the fact that the match will last more or less than X sets. In pre-match, the tipster can also bet on the fact that there will be more or less X points during the first set of the match. This type of bet generally concerns only the first set of the match. The principle is the same for handicap bets (with point spreads) which relate mainly to the first set of the match.

Tips For Winning Your Volleyball Bets

To win your volleyball bets, you must necessarily analyze a certain number of elements that can influence the outcome of the match on which you wish to bet.

Team Statistics

Before placing your bet on volleyball, you should consult the statistical data provided by your bookmaker about the teams to be played.

This data generally concerns the ranking, the history of matches, and the latest results of the teams concerned. If you find this information insufficient, do not hesitate to visit more specialized sites.

Get to Know Volleyball News

In addition to statistics, you will also have to follow volleyball news to avoid unpleasant surprises at the last minute. Always take the time to know the form of the teams as well as any absentees (due to injury) before the start of the match.

The Team Schedule

Remember to check the upcoming schedule of the teams that are due to play each other to make the best possible decision when placing your bet. Doing so will help you to better measure the challenge of the game for each of the teams as well as the motivation of the players.

The Meeting Place

Experience has shown that teams playing at home generally have an advantage in terms of benchmarks and habits over those away. And that’s without counting the support of the public during the match. Details that can change a meeting in a few sets. Remember to include it in your analysis to ensure victory at the end of the match.



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