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OMG ! Google To Shut Down Linda Ikeji’s Blog ? [DETAILS]

Copyright infringement is an issue that so many ignorant culprits fail to address and its hurting to those caught in the mess… Most Bloggers are culprits of the aforementioned subject of which we are at mxcliq try to give attributes when/where required but as you know Linda Ikeji is a name that stands out in the social media sphere due to her achievements in blogging.


linda ikeji nuys 24 million naira 2014 range rover - 411Vibes

 All sort of Criticism have come her way but she seem to thrive with the attention that comes with the criticism and seem she might have met a tough one as an individual tagged Mr Aye Dee on twitter (Editor in Chief 15 past 8 media group) have come out with claims that linda ikeji’s blog infringed on the copyright of his intellectual property and claims google which hosts linda ikeji’s blogspot page might go a step further after taking down the materials in question to shut down the blog. Its might be premature to Imagine a blogsphere without linda ikeji but we would update you on the proceedings.
See tweets below from @MrAyeDee 
1/6 To Those that care about such things:”
2/6 Please make a note of the stories you see appearing on @lindaikeji’s blog.”
3/6 I’ve been informed Google is going to take a few more down before it takes the whole site down, so you can take before and after screen”
4/6 caps to compare.”
5/6 The story of her site and its business model is going to be a great case-story on copyright theft and its consequences, I’m just giving”
6/6 everyone a heads up so you can see it happen in real time…”
@MotunAbiona It hasn’t happened and Lord Willing will never happen, but my sources put their lives on the line to get me information. If one of them is killed in the process of carrying out their task they’ve embarked on for no other reason than my request, and then Linda steals the published work without attribution to me (talk less of them), whom/what did they risk their lives for? money in Linda’s pocket? No.”
@Empressadeola @lindaikeji who is in this mix blocked me instead of responding to my messages… Is that someone seeking a resolution?
“@elnathan: Of course Linda Ikeji is “successful”. So were Al Capone and Anini. Before they were caught.”
“@MrAyeDee: @tope414 @atiku @lindaikeji Someone got robbed and the best approach is 2privately explain to the robber why theft is bad (after the fact)?”
“@MrAyeDee: @IkennaYoung Linda is the biggest culprit. Why would I go after someone who is 9 levels down on the pecking scale?”
“@dotmanx: @IkennaYoung @MrAyeDee people are so ignorant of what copyright means “let her be my ass”. Shut her down .. Simple”“@Empressadeola: Pls @MrAyeDee whatever she has done pls forgive. As cheesy as it may sound, Some of us need that blog to survive daily naija life.”
SOURCE: mxcliq

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