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10 risks of having too much sex (Must See)

We would love to tell you there is no such thing as having too much sex. Seriously—we’d be thrilled to be the bearer of that news! But sadly, we’d be lying. Medical professionals (and pure lovers of the act) have found there are a few risks of having too much sex, and here they are.


10 risks of having too much sex-signs that show you are the rebound woman or
10 risks of having too much sex


1. Rug burns

Apply too much pressure and create prolonged friction on the same area and you’ll wear that skin raw! Too much sex in certain positions will take those positions off the table for you for a while. At least until you’ve healed.

2. Bad knees

Your knees are sensitive. Some people get bad knees just by jogging a few times a week. Imagine what could happen if you are on your knees and another person is on you a few times a week (or day.) Bye-bye stilettos, hello orthotics.

3. Bruised elbows

Like a good propped-on-your-side position? Plenty of women report it’s a great way to help their partner access their g-spot. But doing that every night can leave your elbows feeling like you walked through a doorway while putting your hair in a pony tail and WHAM! Slammed your funny bone.

4. Cuts on your lips

Your vaginal lips, that is. If you shave down there, the skin needs a little time to heal before it experiences a ton of friction. Usually it really only needs a day before the tiny inevitable cuts that come with shaving your va-jay-jay close up. But if you don’t give it that day, the cuts will open up and you’ll feel a bad sting when you pee, and during sex.

5. Internal cuts

Even if your partner really turns you on, your natural sources of lubrication can only keep up with so much sex. If you’re not properly lubricated every time, you can get small tears/cuts inside your vagina.

6. Increased risk of infection

When you already have cuts in or around your vagina, you’re more susceptible to bacteria and infections down there.

7. A cardiac event

When you already have cuts in or around your vagina, you’re more susceptible to bacteria and infections down there. 

8. Urinary tract infection

Many women suffer from UTI’s after long weekends away with their man. Be sure to urinate before and after sex to help avoid these because once you get them, your va-jay-jay is out of commission until it’s healthy again. 

9. Back pain

If you were not in the middle of intercourse and were rapidly thrusting your lower back back and forth, how do you think that would feel? Not great. But when you’re mid pleasure, you don’t notice it, and can cause yourself some serious back pain for days after. Keep hot packs around, take warm baths after rigorous sex, and/or consider positions that are easier on your back.

10. Fracture

This is a warning for men: dramatic angles or even just too much sex can cause a penis to fracture. It’s a pain nobody deserves to feel, so guys, if you’re feeling any discomfort or bad pressure during sex, take a break. 

– Julia Austin – madamenoire.

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