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Ladies, before you go spreading your legs for a married man, you need to see this!

2. He is never going to leave his wife for you.

girl-night cclub

3. You are most likely not the only one-side dish he’s having.

4. After using you, he will move onto someone else.

5. He doesn’t owe you anything.

6. Getting pregnant on purpose won’t trap him, his kids are at home with his wife, so think!

7. His money and properties are his and his wife’s, you only get the small balance.

8. You will never be part of his future.

9. There is certainly one guy out there that is madly in love with you and wants to make you his “one and only wife”…. 

@SirJP_ says so!

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  1. G. Viota says

    I beg to differ. his wife was a complete nightmare. Entitled, spoiled, never satisfied bitch. We've been living together for 3 years and he is divorcing her now. Most of the time, these articles are written by the bitter exwife who was given the boot for a younger girl. As common as it is to establish that most men are dogs, it is not always the case. My boyfriend is a good-hearted sweet man whose abusive wife pushed him to the limit and I happened to be there for him. And the next assumption would be "he's going to leave you like he left his wife". If that ever happened, all the happiness we've had together will be enough to say it was worth the try and it's not the end of the world. There is only one life to live and wasting it next to a miserable abusive wife is the worst thing a man can do. My advise is: take care of your man with all your heart. If he leaves you anyway, you were not a match and why would you want that?

  2. frank says

    Babe u na correct ashawo oooo. you did such a thing and you still hve the gut to accept it. cmon gal u no lyk tear rubber ? Abi na tokunbo u go dey do all ur lyf?

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