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My BF urinates in my mouth every morning and when I refuse, he beats me up – Pls Help!

How do I stop him from this act? Am Juliet 24, I stay with my boyfriend off campus, every morning my boyfriend likes to take his morning pee in my mouth.


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This started way back in my year 1 when we just decided to get freaky,he then suggested that he pee in my mouth which I agreed and since then he will wake me up and tell me he has to pee so i will get on my knees open my mouth real wide and wait for him to fill my mouth with his hot morning pee and after his done peeing in my mouth i suck his dick until he comes this is how i start my morning.

He has gotten use to it that whenever I refuse doing it,he will beat me up so bad, I really love him so much I don’t want to get him hurt,now am scared of drinking his pee because people say it contains harmful substance please is it true,and if yes how do I stop my boyfriend from this act without him beating me up,he enjoys it,is it that he’s abusing me indirectly am just confused, please help!

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  1. tim says

    You are not well

  2. law says

    You better continue with it that way, na poopoo remain make e add? So, if you weren’t told that it contains impurities and can be harmful, you would have allowed him continue with such develish act on U! I really pity you. Better get delivered!

  3. Babalola Victor says

    He has no future plans 4 you, he won't let that happen to his sister. It could even be demonic, probably he has been using your destiny. You better run 4 ur life. That's not love, it is satanic. Visit any MFM church in your vicinity and participate in a deliverance program. You need help, God will help you out.

  4. Daniel says

    well it is nt good. d guy is killing u little by little but my advice is to break d relationship. and get a God fearing person

  5. Freda says


  6. merlvin says

    you are actually a mad girl if you say that is live.

  7. GRISSKLA says

    WTF at first i wanna blv dis story is made up giving a second thought
    girl i say you r in lost and not love, you better get ur stuffs and lv him now dat u can or else soon ur head will be needed to complete the juju his cooking up on u

  8. pretty says

    Ur a fool

  9. linda says

    U need deliverance OMG while will a grown up girl like u allow such demonic act to befall u in this Morden age.

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