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The 4 reasons women love bad boys

Reasons women love bad boys – We all know the stereotype that women love bad boys because nice guys whine about it all the time. But there is some truth to the stereotype. A recent study showed that men with “bad boy” traits such as disagreeableness, narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism did indeed have more romantic partners than humble and agreeable guys.


nigerian-girls-theinfong-Reasons women love bad boys

While I am not suggesting a guy become a bad boy (or that women date them), nice guys could learn a thing or two from bad boys—minus the jerk behavior, of course.

1. Bad boys will talk to any woman they meet.

While a “nice guy” is quietly building up the courage to talk to the woman from work he has stared

at for months, thirty bad boys have already hit on her. The odds are pretty good she has begun dating one of them, while the nice guy is still mentally preparing to talk to her.

The narcissistic bad boy has no problem using a lame pickup line on a hundred girls a month. And even if 99 girls reject him, that one success a month will put him ahead of the nice guy who is too afraid to talk to any girls.




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  1. Ope says


  2. kentdavis says

    just too short….work on that

  3. Cash says

    Actually, these reasons are far from "deep". What does it say about you (the author) and other women like you, if you are so gullible as to fall for these superficial reasons time and again despite knowing these guys are "bad" for you in the long run in more ways than one? And to actually write an article presenting these "reasons" and hence validating them, is even more unforgivable! Is the "approach" and intial charm all that you really care about and look for? We have certainly not evolved much in that sense from the caveman days in that case (just replace the club with the so-called charm)!

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