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19 real struggles of women with big butt which they will never tell you!

19 struggles of women with big butt – Having a large derriere is both a blessing and a curse. There are plenty of things to enjoy about having a big booty — who doesn’t love curves? You have your own built-in padding, which means hard chairs are no issue and you’ll never have to pay for one of those special gel seats at spin class.


The “bend and snap” is your signature move, and shaking that thing can sometimes convince people you actually know how to dance.

struggles of women with big butt

But with a large butt comes great responsibility.

Here are 19 issues you may have faced if endowed with a generous behind:

1. Men on the street have asked if they can use your derriere as a pillow. (They most certainly may not.)

2. Your dresses are three inches longer in the front than they are in the back.

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